Come Teach in Tennessee!

Living and teaching in Tennessee makes sense! We have natural beauty, southern hospitality, serene weather, and something for everyone. Moreover, we are within a day’s drive of 65 percent of the United States population. What more could you want in a new destination?

If you are geared toward action or full of curiosity, Tennessee has your ticket. Revel in our wild and scenic rivers, seize inspiration in our picturesque mountains, and pick your own vibe from our world-famous music.

Tennessee legislation continues pushing for progress in education reform, making the state more attractive to new teachers and lifting the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state. In addition to the broad range of charter school opportunities, Tennessee is looking for highly effective teachers to fill high-need areas such as math, chemistry, physics, special education, and foreign languages. Teaching in Tennessee allows up to five years seniority on the pay scale for service members, and your military pension is not taxable.

Tennessee is looking for passionate individuals who will make a difference in the classroom. Together we can make Tennessee the number one location in the Southeast for high quality education.

So, Come Teach in Tennessee!

Substitute Teaching

As with any profession, networking your skills and talents is essential to finding a teaching position. ManyTroops to Teachers candidates have found working as a substitute teacher to be an excellent way to network in a school district. To become a substitute teacher simply go to your local board of education and request a substitute teacher application. While individual school systems my increase the requirements for substitute teachers in their individual school system, generally speaking the state standard is to have a high school diploma (or GED) and complete a background check. The process is fairly simple and it is a great way to get experience in the classroom. Once you have met the Basic Skills and Praxis II subject content assessment requirements and proven yourself in the classroom as a substitute teacher, there are a number of things a school system can do to assist you in the employment process.

Tennessee TTT Consultant

Cliff Yager
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