South Carolina ranks 24th in terms of overall population with over 699,198 (k-12) public school students. There are 1,177 public schools in the state.

The South Carolina Department of Education

One of the first steps in obtaining teacher certification in South Carolina is to review the information found on the South Carolina Department of Education web site at South Carolina Department of Education. Also use the links found on the left side of this page. They will provide valuable information on teacher education, certification and employment in South Carolina.

The Praxis l and Praxis II Exams

All new teachers certifying in South Carolina must complete the requirements of the Praxis l and Praxis II Exams.

The “Praxis I” Exam is a general knowledge reading, writing and math exam. It is approximately 3 hours long. It includes separate exams in general knowledge math, reading comprehension and writing. The cost of the Praxis I will cost around $135. The Praxis web site is

The Praxis II Exam is a subject content assessment. It is designed to evaluate the specific subject area in which you intend to certify and teach. The cost of the Praxis II Exams will vary, but generally will cost less than $150, depending on which Praxis II exam is taken. The Praxis II Exam could take up to 4 hours to complete. The web site for the Praxis II exam is also

The Praxis I Exam is normally taken prior to the Praxis II subject content assessment.

Study Guides for these assessments can be downloaded as part of the online registration process. They are also available in most public libraries or can be purchased in book stores.

South Carolina Certification Information

For information on alternative routes to teacher certification routes available in South Carolina go to Alternative Pathways to Certification.

You may also choice to use a more tradition university certification program if that meets your needs better.

Substitute Teaching

As with any profession, networking your skills and talents is essential to finding a teaching position. Many Troops to Teachers candidates have found working as a substitute teacher to be an excellent way to network in a school district. Substitute Teacher requirements in South Carolina vary by school district. You will need to contact the individual school system that you desire to work in for specific requirements. There is a list of all South Carolina School System at South Carolina schools districts.

As a minimum you will need to provide the following:

  • Complete an official Substitute Teacher Application
  • References or letters of recommendation
  • W-4 Form
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
  • TB Test
  • Complete a substitute teacher training session

Once you have met the Basic Skills and Praxis II subject content assessment requirements and proven yourself in the classroom as a substitute teacher, there are a number of things a school system can do to assist you in the employment process.

South Carolina Teacher Vacancies

Schools systems in South Carolina post their teacher vacancies individually. To find current vacancies go to South Carolina schools districts and then link to the school systems separate web site for teacher vacancies.


South Carolina TTT Consultants

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