The Georgia Professional Standards Commission

One of the first steps in obtaining teacher certification in Georgia is to review the information found on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website at You will find the answer for most of your certification questions there. Review the section under “Prospective Educators” on the top of the page.

The GACE Assessment

All new teachers certifying in Georgia must complete the requirements for the “Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators” (GACE®). There are three separate GACE assessments. They are the GACE Program Admissions Assessment, the GACE Ethics Assessment and the GACE Subject Content Area Assessment.

The GACE Program Admissions Assessment is normally taken first. It is four and a half hours long and includes separate exams in General knowledge math, reading comprehension and writing.

The GACE Ethics Assessment is a power point type presentation and exam. It is six hour long but allows for breaks to be taken so you do not have to complete the entire exam in one setting.

The GACE Subject Content Assessment is a subject specific exam designed to evaluate the specific subject area in which you intend to certify and teach.

GACE assessment preparation materials (Study Guides) for all GACE Assessments are available on the GACE Web Site which is In addition most public library have free study materials and book stores will also have study materials that you can purchase.

These exams can be taken at testing sites across the country. When you register you will pick the site that works best for you.

Georgia Certification

University Programs: The first option is to enroll in a state approved university teacher certification program. A list of state universities and the subject areas certification programs that they offer can be found by linking to Georgia University Programs.

Distance Learning Programs: There are also universities outside the state of Georgia that offer online certification via distance learning programs. For a list of some of those universities use the “Distance Learning Programs” link on the Georgia Page of the SE Region website. Completion of an online certification program from an out of state university requires an additional step for Georgia Certification, but due to reciprocity agreements between most states the process is usually fairly simple as long as you hold a professional teaching license from any other state.

Intern Program (old GaTAPP Program): The Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) is the state’s official alternative teacher certification program. It was designed specifically for career switchers and has proven to be a valuable asset to individuals desiring second careers as teachers. It enables individuals with non-education backgrounds to enter the teaching profession via an alternative certification-training program. Teachers enrolled in GaTAPP are actually allowed to teach while completing state certification requirements. GATAPP is one of the quicker routes to teaching. To find the GaTAPP website click on GaTAPP.

Substitute Teaching

As with any profession, networking your skills and talents is essential to finding a teaching position. Many Troops to Teachers candidates have found working as a substitute teacher to be an excellent way to network in a school district. To become a substitute teacher simply go to your local board of education and request a substitute teacher application. The process is fairly simple and it is a great way to get experience in the classroom. Requirements for becoming a substitute teacher may be found at Georgia Rule 505-2-20. Once you have proven yourself in the classroom as a substitute teacher there are a number of things a school system can do to assist you in the employment and teacher certification process.

Georgia Teachers Vacancies Website

We also recommend that you register on the state’s web site. It is Georgia’s official website where school systems post their teacher vacancies. It will prove to be a valuable tool in your employment search. Most of Georgia’s 181 school systems post their job vacancies there.

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